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Initial Impressions

June 24, 2015

        He had flaming red hair, such as rarely seen.  -Polyxena on first seeing her nemesis, Neoptolemus, son of Achilles. 


My Other Epic

June 23, 2015

Two women compete for the affection of the Aztec empire’s greatest warlord.


More Worries About Achilles

June 7, 2015

…….Was I fraternizing with the enemy? Did my conduct pose a threat to Troy’s survival? How could it? Whether I was with Achilles or not, nothing we did here changes what is happening at Troy at this moment. And if we are separated once we get back, what we have done has no more relevance and cannot influence what will then occur.       -Polyxena


To Resist Achilles or Not?

June 1, 2015

We shared an affinity for each other, while knowing this could only result in unhappiness and heartbreak for us both if we succumbed to our basic instincts. So we resisted our impulses, the strain of our exertions very much evidenced in our glances. I wished at times that he would just seize me, take his pleasures with me, ending all my hesitations over this, and through this release me from my obsessive cravings. The question paramount in my mind, and I think also in his, was whether to submit to our impellent inclinations or continue resisting these, thereby depriving us of what we most desired.  – Polyxena