Coming Up Next

Polyxena is actually my second novel.  I have written another epic work titled Water Dog about Aztec Mexico, that has lain dormant for many years, but which I am thinking of getting published in the near future.  Water Dog is about the Aztec emperor, Ahuitzotl (Ah-weet-zotl), Montezuma’s predecessor and the greatest of their warrior-kings, and could not be more different from Polyxena.  It’s a third-person account of a monarch renowned for his ferocity, but also has two leading female characters that the reader will take a liking to.  Both compete for his affection; for one, the empress, an unrequited affair because of his passion for a mistress, who lives in dread of losing his love to her rival because of her beauty.  In a way, this novel can appropriately be called a soap opera among the Aztecs.

Water Dog -the English translation of the name Ahuitzotl used only in the title- is a true historical fiction novel, unlike Polyxena, which was based on mythology, with most of its leading characters having lived.  A lot of research went into this novel; I think I’m the only person in Seattle who owns an English-Nahuatl (Aztec) language dictionary.

The basic theme of Water Dog can be summed up as pride leading to fall.  Ahuitzotl is an arrogant and ambitious, yet a fascinating and charismatic warlord who stops at nothing in order to attain his vainglorious ends.  Readers may not appreciate him at first, but I compensate for that by keeping their interests riveted on the two competing ladies of his court.   In the end, however, he is seen as a tragic figure in the classical tradition, that is, he himself sets into motion the forces which ultimately culminate in a cruel retribution against him and evokes our sympathy.  Sorry that I can’t give you a completion date at present, but it won’t be long now.



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  1. Julie Black Says:

    I am currently reading “Ahutzotl” and, as author of “The Last Toltec King” and a trained historian of the Mexican National University, I am probably one of Mr. Allenger’s toughest critics. Having said this, I can honestly say that I am enjoying the book beyond all measure! Kudos to Mr. Allenger for humanizing a culture that is so often portrayed with nothing but brutal savagery!

    Julie Black
    Author, “The Last Toltec King”

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