My Book’s Future

Over the past few months I have given potential readers a number of blogs on my novel, a story of the fall of Troy as seen through the eyes of King Priam’s youngest daughter, Polyxena, relating her thoughts to us (i.e. Aphrodite) just before she becomes the last casualty of the war.  I think it is one of the better stories written about Troy, unique in its conception and construction; she touches us with her basic goodness, her observations, and in providing her perspective on the more renowned people associated with these legends as she meets and converses with them.  Above all, it is a love story -between her and Achilles, and although their time together is of short duration, the love they shared is alluded to often and makes its presence felt through the rest of the novel.

What do I see as Polyxena’s future?   Readers will be the test of that.  The book is good (it won an editor’s choice award for me); my hope is that anyone reading it will share this opinion and recommend it to others.  The response I’ve gotten from those who have read it has been very positive; my biggest problem, one which I admittedly did not anticipate, was that so few people know who she is.  Even those familiar with the Trojan War tell me they have never heard of Polyxena -disheartening.  Perhaps, if fortune favors me, my novel will popularize her name once again.

If dreams can come true, then certainly I would like to see my story made into a movie – what an epic it would make!  I mean, this book has it all:  Amazon warriors, epic battles, renowned heroes, action, adventure, and romance.

But even if none of these things happen, I have to say that I enjoyed working on this story -a true labor of love.  It didn’t actually take that long to write -eight months- but a lot of thought went into this work, long before even starting on it.  If there’s such a thing as a writer falling in love with his main character, then that is the case with me.  Polyxena is a beautiful creation -she is real, having attributes one likes seeing in a person, as well as the flaws, making her very human.  Her story is so tragic in that she wants to believe she was responsible for her fate and yet knows that other influences had a hand in it -events she believes were orchestrated by the Goddess Aphrodite- but never quite understands how, circumstances obscuring the answer from her.  My intention was to make it unclear, to her as well as the reader.  So the question remains:  Did Polyxena create her own fate or was she fulfilling her destiny?  I leave it to the reader to decide.


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