The Significance of Historical Love Stories

Love is the ingredient that transforms the ordinary to the great.  I think the appeal of  historical love stories is that they strike an accord with the reader in a way that makes the personages very real to us.  We can relate to them, most of us having experienced love in our lives.  Whether the stories are about the famed historical characters themselves, as with Antony and Cleopatra, or about regular lives caught up in epic backgrounds, as in Gone With the Wind or Doctor Zhivago, love’s passion and endurance resonates with us, giving them a human quality than would otherwise not be the case.  It makes their stories timeless, appropriate for any age, because love is eternal.

My own personal favorite example of love’s impact on a great historical character is when Napoleon learns of Josephine’s death.  They had been divorced and out of contact with each other for years, but when the news comes to him, he locks himself up in his room, remaining in total seclusion for three days.  How can anyone who has a heart not be affected by that?  It speaks volumes of his character -and of the power of love.

Polyxena is a love story.


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